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Living Under The Streets in Bucharest
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Living Under The Streets Of Bucharest
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on June 4, 2014
Topic : Human_rights
This is a disturbing story highlighting the plight of men, women and children living in Bucharest who are strickened by drug abuse, HIV and TB. Many of these people were in orphanages and ‘care’ back in 1990, many of whom have now had children of their own, and now they all live in this underground hell hole.

We felt this story needed to be heard.
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What If Your Daughter Was Kidnapped
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on May 8, 2014
Topic : Human_rights
Could you imagine sending your child off to school just like any other day only for them to be kidnapped from their place of learning?

Just over three weeks ago, 234 teenage girls were kidnapped in the Nigerian city of Bornu while taking their exams. It is assumed that the girls were taken by Boko Haram, a local Islamic extremist group whose name means “western education is forbidden.” It is feared that the girls have been sold into marriage to the militants and some have been moved to nearby countries of Cameroon and Chad. Conflicting information about the girls’ whereabouts and their current status and situation has naturally left parents and loved ones devastated.

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Help Save The Bees
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on May 1, 2014
Topic : Human_rights
Friends of the Earth have just released a new report highlighting how agro-chemical companies, such as Bayer, are using deceptive PR tactics to delay action on neonicotinoid pesticides and boost their profits. Please join Friends of the Earth in calling on Bayer to stop selling these bee-killing pesticides by visiting their campaign page and taking action.
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Sign And Stop Fracking
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on April 17, 2014
Topic : Human_rights
We’re calling on you to sign 38 Degrees online petition to stop fracking in the UK. This must be the issue on which we draw the line, we must hold the notion of civil disobedience as a possibility... To find out more about 38 Degrees and fracking please visit 38 Degrees website.
David Cameron: Stop Fracking
38 Degrees

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Anita & Sam Roddick On This Week’s Woman’s Hour
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on March 25, 2014
Topic : Human_rights
Check out this archived interview that Anita gave to BBC Woman’s Hour in 1996 – covering issues like against animal testing and fair trade etc. This interview then leads on to Sam’s interview which was aired live yesterday (25th March 2014) discussing Anita’s work and how much of a game-changer she was within the beauty industry.

NOTE: This piece commences around 15 minutes into the programme.
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"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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