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Visiting Albert
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Albert Woodfox is Free!!!
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Albert Interviewed on Democracy Now
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Visiting Albert
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on March 8, 2016
Topic : Human_rights
Gordon and Sam have just spent two days with Albert Woodfox – the first time they are visiting him as a free man (Anita was with Gordon and Sam in spirit – it was their love for her that carried their determination that they could see this through she loved and believed in Albert). Albert is an inspiration to us all!

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BIGGER NEWS – Albert Woodfox is Free!
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on February 19, 2016
Topic : Human_rights

Albert Woodfox is Freed Today on his 69th Birthday!

Friday, April 19, 2016 – Louisiana, USA Just moments ago, Albert Woodfox, the last remaining member of the Angola 3 still behind bars, was released from prison 43 years and 10 months after he was first put in a 6x9 foot solitary cell for a crime he did not commit. After decades of costly litigation, Louisiana State officials have at last acted in the interest of justice and reached an agreement that brings a long overdue end to this nightmare. Albert has maintained his innocence at every step, and today, on his 69th birthday, he will finally begin a new phase of his life as a free man.
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BIG NEWS – Albert Woodfox to be freed
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on June 10, 2015
Topic : Human_rights
Yesterday (Monday 10th) Judge James Brady ordered the unconditional release of Albert Woodfox and barred a third trial, saying it could not be fair.

The court said it had found at least five factors in Woodfox’s favour, including his age and poor health and his limited ability to present a defence at a third trial in the light of the unavailability of witnesses.

It also cited its “lack of confidence in the state to provide a fair third trial, the prejudice done onto Mr Woodfox by spending over 40 years in solitary confinement, and finally the very fact that Mr Woodfox has already been tried twice and would otherwise face his third trial for a crime that occurred over 40 years ago”.

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Posted By Anita Roddick Team on February 5, 2015
Topic : Human_rights
GREAT NEWS for ALBERT WOODFOX, the entire bench of 19 Judges of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has turned down Buddy Caldwell’s (Attorney General) appeal for a review and rehear - there was NOT ONE dissenting opinion! Caldwell can now only appeal to the US Supreme Court, or go for a retrial, or let Albert go. Today we celebrate this achievement but there will be much behind the scenes activity now so be patient it is going our way.

Let’s also keep Herman in our thoughts.
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Albert Woodfox Needs Your Help
Posted By Anita Roddick Team on January 28, 2015
Topic : Human_rights
Please help support Albert Woodfox, an innocent man held in solitary confinement for 42years, and the best way to do that is to go to the website. Open up the subsection BLOG and read the current news behind campaigns and prepare for whatever comes next. Forget the personalities, it is the system that has let Albert down so badly..they need to come clean and let him be released.

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