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DISPATCH: A Celebration of Women in Business and Education
Posted on March 4, 2003 by Anita

I'm in beautiful upstate New York this week on a fellowship at Russell Sage College. This women's university has just introduced a new degree program in socially responsible business management, and I am here as much to learn and observe as to lecture. My thanks to the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship program and to the wise women of Russell Sage for making this week possible.

Here is the announcement from the College:

Amid a growing crisis of confidence in business leadership and waning trust of corporations and their executives, Russell Sage College for women, located in Troy, New York, is taking a bold step to instill social responsibility into a new undergraduate degree in Business and Organizational Management.

The college's new degree, believed to be one of the first undergraduate programs of its kind in the United States, will integrate social responsibility—community, ethics, human rights, labor, environment, and policy compliance—into the study of organizations. It is an educational program that focuses on corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship (non-profit). Included among the courses in the 120-credit program are those on ethics, social auditing, conflict mediation, community economics, environment, race and ethnic relations, and women in developing countries.

Available in the fall, the program has been endorsed by Anita Roddick. "Future business education programs, whether set in a local or global context, must contain the language of social justice, human rights, community economics and ethics, as well as the productivity of the human soul," says Roddick. "The direction now is for business schools to become places where our personal values and economic interests intersect."

That's exactly what professors Eileen Brownell and Chrys Ingraham did in creating the dynamic new curriculum at the women's liberal arts college. She and Brownell, associate professor and director of Russell Sage's business program, envisioned a degree program holding together a series of courses that would begin redefining corporate leadership. The program aims to add what traditional business degree programs have left out, says Brownell, noting that students will be prepared to enter either the for-profit or the non-profit world.

"Living in a world out of balance -- 9/11, global warming, racism, sweatshops, Enron -- it is clear we've lost perspective about what is important," says Ingraham. "Without balance, we do not all have the same opportunities. We wanted to create a program that invites students to imagine a world that balances social responsibility with economic viability and to take the leadership in that world."

For more on Russell Sage's degree program in Business and Organizational Management, click here.

To find out when I will be speaking at and near the college this week, check out this calendar of events. I also will deliver the keynote address at the New York State Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education, a division of the American Council on Education (ACE) on Thursday, March 6.

Topic : Women
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : March 4, 2003



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