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DISPATCH: Information Revolution
Posted on March 28, 2003 by Anita

I have become a news junkie, glued to the 24-hour news channels. But in these times, that's like being a refugee in a desert with a killing thirst who discovers that the oasis is only a mirage. I can spend hours in front of the telly and learn nothing at all, getting thirstier and thirstier for something new, something meaningful, something challenging.

That's why I've turned to the Internet and a few choice newspapers for my war news and analysis. If you're fed up with the mainstream press, let me make a few recommendations from my stash of reliable alternatives:


The Mirror
This tabloid has returned to its former glory as a rabble-rousing, muck-raking, informed and informative newspaper that may very well make history (or at least legend) for its brilliantly rude and scathing front-page copy. One of their journalists, Brian Read, is especially brilliant.

The Independent
Always worth the price off the newsstand, and (even better) free online. I would read it just for Robert Fisk.

The Guardian
Always reliable and trustworthy. Almost every day, it breaks a story not covered anywhere else in the mainstream press and forces the meek Western media to pay attention.


Where is Raed?
By a blogger in Baghdad. Fascinating and informative. Rumor has it hackers have been trying to jam his website. Disturbingly, there have been no new posts from him since Monday.

By an American peace activist who was, until just before the war, in Baghdad.

Stand Down
An excellent source of war news and analysis from all parts of the political spectrum.

Body & Soul
Beautifully written, constantly updated, thoughts of a mom, a writer, and a thinker, plus hundreds of great links.

The Guardian Weblog
A great one-stop shop for alternative and mainstream reports. Just the best of the best from around the world.

The Agonist
Mostly mainstream reports on the war, but from such a wide range of sources that you're always getting new information. A relief from CNN-lag.

Back To Iraq 2.0
A reporter headed for Baghdad to do some independent reporting.

Other Online Sources

Tom Paine



Iraq Peace Team (part of the interfaith group Voices in the Wilderness)
(Warning: there are graphic images of Iraqi civilian casualties on this site)


Unknown News


Google News
Global, if mostly mainstream, and a good way to feed a 24-hour news habit.

Do you have other suggestions? Send them my way!

Topic : Brilliant
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : March 28, 2003



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