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DISPATCH: Required Reading
Posted on April 3, 2003 by Anita

Thank God for Ode Magazine. In times like these, when the mainstream media lets us down and lets us down again, it is always refreshing to find a new voice of truth and reason in publishing. And if, as I have said, the basis of all effective dissent and action is information, Ode is required reading for any conscientious citizen.

Based in the Netherlands, Ode is a sharp and comprehensive magazine in the spirit of The Ecologist, Yes! Magazine, the Multinational Monitor, Mother Jones and other precious few alternatives. Now publishing in English, it is a vital new voice in international affairs.

The current issue contains several gems:

  • 'Every nation needs to be disarmed' A profile of American presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, who went from an obscure junior congressman to the outspoken representative of the peaceful majority;

  • Please help An article about Shell's deadly chemical plant in Brazil and what Shell as well as everyday citizens can do to shut it down;

  • Going, going, GATS A piece on the growing movement against GATS and the sell-off of public services in the global economy;

  • Where the sidewalk ends A story about slums (one in seven people in the world lives in one), and how residents of run-down neighborhoods are organizing for justice.

    Go check out the whole magazine and subscribe!

  • Topic : Brilliant
    Posted By : Anita
    Posted On : April 3, 2003



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