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DISPATCH: 460 Legs Up on Child Abuse
Posted on May 21, 2003 by Anita

The Body Shop at Home is one of the divisions of our company that I think has stayed closest to the original activist spirit of The Body Shop. Every time I meet with them, I am overwhelmed with their passion and dedication. Yesterday, they launched a new fundraising campaign -- called "Message in a Bottle" -- to fight the sexual abuse of children in the UK.

My friends at The Body Shop Foundation sent me this press release on the clever relay race they commenced yesterday. If you want to find out more about Message in a Bottle, " "Protect the Children," The Body Shop at Home or The Body Shop Foundation, visit The Body Shop's website.

Coming to a shopping centre near you.  115 teams.  230 legs.  10 regions.  One message.

On the 19th May 2003, The Body Shop at Home made history with the start of the biggest fundraising event EVER undertaken here in the UK.

115 teams of self-employed consultants will be taking part in a giant relay race across the UK to raise funds for child protection.

The giant relay challenge – dubbed "Message in a Bottle" starts at The Body Shop at Home headquarters at West Sussex and moves region to region, covering the whole of the UK, ending back at Littlehampton on the 13th June.

Sounds easy?  Well, these incredible women must complete their journey by whatever means possible – but it must be free.  Already the women have sweet-talked and cajoled companies into loaning lorries, speedboats, llamas and limos to assist them cross their region.

Why are they doing this?  The Body Shop at Home have pledged their support to an appeal by The Body Shop Foundation "Protect the Child" which aims to fight child sex abuse here in the UK.  

"Protect the Child" will support projects tackling subjects such as human trafficking, internet crimes and support services for abused children and adult survivors of child abuse.  The monies raised through this event will support small, local projects here trying to affect such change.

As a company, The Body Shop at Home are renowned for championing causes and for taking difficult to talk about subjects into the open arena and communicating for positive and long-lasting change.

These women mean business.  They mean to raise as much money as possible for groups in the UK fighting to end child sex abuse and to offer hope to organisations which support survivors of child abuse

There are no short cuts, no magic formula, no overnight successes to making a lasting and positive change. We need to keep communicating, raise awareness and raise funds.  And this is where you come in. Catch them on their incredible journey as they travel the UK and give a donation. Get outraged and get involved.

To borrow an American phrase (I'm in California this week),"You go, girls!"

Topic : Children
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : May 21, 2003



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