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DISPATCH: Exxon's Smoggy Math
Posted on November 24, 2003 by Anita

ExxonMobil has plenty of self-serving reasons to predict that there will be more than three times the number of cars on the Earth in the year 2020. But more remarkable is how unapologetic the company - the worlds number one global warming villain - is about its accompanying prediction that carbon dioxide emissions will double in the same amount of time. They even say that theres plenty of oil and coal to last beyond 2020, as if thats what we really need to be most concerned about.

Experts say the United States, which has the worlds largest economy and 4 percent of its population, is responsible for about 25 percent of so-called "greenhouse" gases now produced. Exxon is one of the biggest American oil companies, and has a long reputation for denying the role of carbon dioxide in global warming.

Please read the article about Exxons recent statements at CNN, here.

I am active in the StopEsso movement, and given this outrageous new information, if you arent yet boycotting ExxonMobil, please consider starting now.

Topic : Environment
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : November 24, 2003



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