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DISPATCH: The Budget Cookie Crumbles
Posted on February 25, 2004 by Anita

Why do I love Ben Cohen? I love him because he continually surprises me. Just take a look at the animation on his site TrueMajority.org on moving the money from the military budget to very real and constant enemies we face -- poverty, lack of good health care, and lack of good education and you will get what I mean. He is a populist educator who understands that education today is about being different, dazzling, delighting the eye, and being very funny. He sure does that.

Here's the animation.

In the early days of The Body Shop when I went to give a talk at Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont, I was so impressed by his factory tour, which was the biggest tour in the state. Thousands visited annually, obviously by the pull of being given freebie ice creams! But it had a carnival energy and a carnival spirit. I immediately copied him in the UK, and set up The Body Shop Tour. Go towards people with vision I say and I think his website has that. Go there and sign up! It only takes about two minutes a month!

Topic : Allies
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : February 25, 2004



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