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DISPATCH: Give Yourself a HUG
Posted on March 27, 2004 by Anita

A short while ago the owner of an outrageously fun and exciting new ethical fashion company, Nick Pecorelli, came to see me. His company, HUG, is a bit different. For starters, there's the ethics.

Certified organic cotton, a guaranteed price for the farmers who grow it, and good labour conditions in the garment factory they contract with (like a 48 hour week, redundancy, maternity and sick pay, and so on). The National Union of Students' Ethics Committee gave them an A+ rating - the highest possible.

Then there's the buzz. Drapers' Record -- the fashion industry magazine -- described HUG as an 'impressive' new brand, and national newspapers and magazines have applauded their funky designs and quality.

Currently HUG has a range of tops for men, women, children and babies, but they will soon be expanding to a fuller fashion range. Everything is made using a special long-fibre certified organic cotton from Peru, which is noticeably softer than the cottons used by even the best fashion brands. This, and the use of high-tech Swiss-made ecological dyes, makes their tops beautifully soft and kind on the skin. HUG also uses adorable, original gift packaging - to make it easy for you to give someone you love a HUG!

Nick describes HUG's mission as "to make fair trade fashion and to make fair trade fashionable," and says he believes that this can only be done "by using the best quality fabric and designers." I agree. And to achieve this he's enlisted the help of some great designers.

If you want to give yourself a HUG, visit the website at www.hug.co.uk or call 0845 130 1525.

Topic : Entrepreneurship
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : March 27, 2004



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