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DISPATCH: Requiem For a Jazz Bar
Posted on June 18, 2004 by Anita

Last month, after a day at Angola prison visiting Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace, I went to the New Orleans neighborhood called Treme with Carol Kolinchak and Scott Fleming, both attorneys on the Angola Three case. We stopped in at Joes Cozy Corner, an old-school jazz club outside the French Quarter where some of the brightest luminaries in the legendary New Orleans music community hang out on their off (and on) nights. It was a rough and gritty bar, but the regulars made us obvious outsiders feel absolutely welcome.

But Joes will be closing this week for good. The New York Times has the whole story:

Joes Cozy Corner does not look like anything special. One of its brick walls has a severe dent, apparently inflicted by a moving vehicle. In the eaves hangs a sun-blanched banner, on which the words "Thou shalt not kill" have nearly faded away. "No guns, no drugs," a hand-painted sign says. "Inside or outside."

But if New Orleans is the spiritual home of jazz in the United States, a case can be made that this little barroom is the spiritual home of jazz in New Orleans.

Read the whole story (user id: anita_roddick; pwd: anita) here.

Topic : Communities
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : June 18, 2004



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