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DISPATCH: Taking Liberties With Language
Posted on June 22, 2004 by Anita

Maybe Im a grumpy old woman, but one of my biggest pet peeves is lazy language. I despise the profusion of "whatever" and hate "sure, why not?" My grandchildren growing up in America are falling into saying "yeah" and "cool". When I hear "like" as an adjective, I get positively apoplectic!

But I do enjoy those who take a fond respect of language and do something creative with it. That keep language vibrant and alive. Which is why I have a great respect for these people who have taken on a monumental, and monumentally absurd, task: rewriting the entire Oxford English Dictionary in limerick form. Think you can help? Have a go at it (and please send any limericks you submit there to me - I love em)!

Topic : Friends & Family
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : June 22, 2004



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