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DISPATCH: Sex Sells, Sexism Sells Out
Posted on July 20, 2004 by Anita

A U.K.-based travel agency is using crass sexism to sell its services. Lastminute.com has unveiled a game called Bikini Bounce which requires the player (in the form of a Lilliputian surfer) to gain points by bouncing wildly upon a disembodied, sand-covered pair of womens breasts in order to win a Greek holiday. It isnt even so much that its tacky and tasteless (nothing wrong with a little sex now and then), but that it appeals to the very worst in its audience. It assumes that Neanderthal men are the target audience, as though women dont also like to go on holiday. Worst, it dehumanizes women by denying that the model is anything but a faceless, nameless, legless pair of breasts to be used for male entertainment.

Fortunately, if you object, you can register your objection. Call Last Minute on 0871 222 5969 or email them at ir@lastminute.com to let them know that you will avoid using their services (also avoid their other online sites including travel4less.com, travelselect.com, holidayautos.co.uk, medhotels.com, holidayhotels.com, and onlinetravel.com).

Topic : Sex
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : July 20, 2004



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