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DISPATCH: The Power of Publishing
Posted on October 29, 2004 by Anita

I've always believed that books have a powerful part to play in the fight for social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability. The best books inform, educate, entertain, challenge and inspire us. That is of course why I started my own communications company, to publish informative, entertaining and challenging books about the issues that I'm passionate about.

I'll be talking about my move into publishing and my two latest books at an event at Borders on Oxford Street in London from 6.30pm on November 2.

The event is being organised by goodread. A project of activist and author Joseph O'Reilly, goodread is dedicated to exploring the power of books to change the world.

I spoke to Joseph about how I believe that books can help change the world and you can read that article and find out more about goodread here.

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Posted By : Anita
Posted On : October 29, 2004



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Re : The Power of Publishing
By Donna Brown on June 18, 2007

I agree, but it can be difficult getting people to sit still long enough to read anything at all. "Eye candy" on TV and the web seem to have subjugated reading to the realm of pedants and students. But there's hope - even for me! I've just started reading again after many years of nothing but cursory glances at the newspapers. It all started with a power outtage last winter - 3 days long and no cable or email! The next thing I knew I had read a series of books related to the architecture and social development of pre-historical American peoples. Fascinating! Suddenly the world is literally "an open book", and I find myself reading all the time. The book I am currently reading is the autobiography of Grace Lee Boggs. Inspiring, as you say.

Good luck with the publishing!

Re : The Power of Publishing
By Rachel Bramble on March 27, 2006

I believe that if you trully want to get powerful messages across that you have to commit to finding the money to publish yourself as many publishers seem to be trapped in celebrities or the perfectly formed book.
There are many of us who have things to say but do not have perfect literary skills.
Surely its the content that matters most.


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