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DISPATCH: Enough with the Politics, Already!
Posted on November 12, 2004 by Anita Roddick

Let's talk about sex, instead! I'm very excited about my daughter Sam's new website for her upscale erotic boutique, Coco-de-Mer. Now you can shop naughty from the privacy of your own home - how nice!

Check out the new virtual store.

These aren't your mother's whips and chains. This is high style and high sensuality in impeccable good taste. What I love about Sam and her shop is that they toss out the taboos; don 't even acknowledge them. What's more fun and more human than love and sex, after all?

Of course, it isn't enough to buy a chic g-string, a silken whip or a book on the finer techniques of oral sex (oh, come on, let's not be prudes). What if you don't know what to do, or could use a few pointers in the sack? That's what Sam's salons are for. You can learn how to pole- or lap-dance; get over your inhibitions about talking dirty in bed; or just learn some tried-and-true (but not tired) tips on flirting and seduction.

Mostly, let's just stop being so depressed and get to the good stuff!

Topic : Sex
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : November 12, 2004



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