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DISPATCH: Changes at The Body Shop
Posted on February 12, 2002 by Anita

By now many of you have heard that I am leaving my corporate role at The Body Shop, the company I founded 26 years ago. I know many people have questions about what happened, and what it all means. Let me explain.

For the past several months, a number of companies have expressed interest in buying The Body Shop. But none of the offers reflected what I feel the company is worth. So along with the rest of the Board of Directors, the management team and I decided that The Body Shop should stay independent.

The process we went through, however, presented an excellent opportunity for the company to rededicate itself to its core mission and its values. But most exciting, it gave Gordon and me a chance to redefine our roles within The Body Shop.

Gordon and I are and always have been entrepreneurs, idea junkies. We're not suited to formal corporate positions; myself, I can hardly sit still for a meal, let alone a board meeting. We are much better as advisors, mentors, and challengers. So we have both chosen to step down from our positions as co-chairs of the Board of Directors, but will stay on as non-executive board members.

In my new role, I can get back to doing for The Body Shop what I think I do best -- pushing at the edge of ideas, innovating, and infusing the whole organization with my ongoing excitement about the possibilities. I will continue traveling the world in search of great new ingredients that will improve not only The Body Shop's products, but also the communities that provide them.

I have loads of ideas, and now I have the time and the freedom to chase them down, wrestle with them, and see how they might help The Body Shop to do what it has always done well, only do it better. And I happily remain The Body Shop's most enthusiastic evangelist.

At The Body Shop, we have proved that business can do well by doing good. We will continue to do so. I firmly believe that I am now in the best position in years to help make The Body Shop braver, cleverer, gutsier. At the same time, I am excited at the chance to spread my wings a bit and take on new projects. Stay tuned for new developments on that front in the coming months.

Topic : Entrepreneurship
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : February 12, 2002



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Re : Changes at The Body Shop
By Catrina on May 22, 2007

I have been in China now for over 4 years and have sen many changes. Currently I am teaching English to University students whose major is foregin trade. So often I hear the comment - "I just want to make money" and it scares me. Recently I had a class focusing on corporate culture and the values of businesses. I used Anita and The Body Shop as a clear example of how profit and responsibility CAN go hand in hand. Our world is a precious place in many ways and if I am able to get through and grab the attention of even one future entrepreneur then I hope to do so and The Body Shop will continue to be my archetypical socially and environmentally responsible company - I hope !


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