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DISPATCH: Clued Up On The Climate?
Posted on December 10, 2004 by Anita Roddick

Decision makers are discussing the future of the Kyoto Protocol in Buenos Aires. The Kyoto Protocol is an international and legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases emissions world wide.

The United States and Australia are the biggest industrialized country to have rejected the Kyoto Protocol, a landmark agreement that takes effect in February and requires 30 of the world's developed nations to reduce their output of heat-trapping gases produced by industry, automobiles and power plants.

Developing countries, facing possible emissions controls for the first time after 2012, have resisted opening talks about the "post-Kyoto" future. Under Kyoto, governments pledged new limits on emissions by industrial nations.

Russia last month ratified the accord in a major political boost that further highlighted the US opposition as one the biggest greenhouse gas polluters. But the US stance, which has rankled European allies, hung over the annual United Nations gathering even as governments began discussing what comes after Kyoto.

While the powers that be discuss the future of the world's climate, we can all test our knowledge of global climate change. The BBC have put up a QUIZto see if you know your emissions from your carbon credits. Have a go yourself - here.

We should all aim to do something each day to arm ourselves with knowledge about the future of our planet and global/environmental issues.

Let me know how you fare by posting your comments.

Topic : Global Warming
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : December 10, 2004



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Re : Clued Up On The Climate?
By Knippschild Hudson on June 26, 2010

The USA is one of the largest consumers of energy and contributors of CO2 emissions in the world. The argument that since the Kyoto Protocol does not require China, now the world's biggest emitters of CO2, to reduce it's emissions, the USA doesn't either, is self destructive.
The idea is to show leadership by doing whats necessary, and by persuading China to come onside by that leadership. Its unfortunate that the Oboma Administration didn't push harder for ratification of Kyoto..but I think the reasons were more political than that Kyoto was wrong.
Health care and the wall street bail out were the dominating issues of the past year.Hopefully something positive will come out of the talks in Germany.
Global Warming Survival Center

Re : Clued Up On The Climate?
By Duco Delgorge on December 10, 2004

Dear Dame Roddick

You mention The United States and Australia as the biggest industrialized countries to have rejected the Kyoto Protocol. I thought that China also rejected it.
Yours sincerely


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