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DISPATCH: Peasants Helping Peasants
Posted on January 10, 2005 by Anita Roddick

Two weeks after the tsunami, the death toll continues to rise. The immediate, dramatic business of finding survivors and burying the dead is over and the media is moving away - but the real business of helping the survivors to continue surviving and ultimately to rebuild is only now beginning, and the volunteers and aid agencies still desperately need your help. Via Campesina, a global alliance of peasant, family farmer, farm worker, indigenous and landless peoples organizations is providing tsunami relief and rebuilding assistance. Via Campesina is coordinating this effort directly through their member organizations throughout Southeastern Asia, and working in alliance with fishing community organizations as well. This organization never ceases to amaze me with its creativity, generosity, and bravery. Click here to donate to their truly phenomenal grassroots efforts. Click here to learn more about their relief campaign in South Asia.

Topic : Communities
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : January 10, 2005



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