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DISPATCH: Mending Hearts
Posted on July 8, 2005 by Anita Roddick

My daughter, Sam, has sent the below message out to friends, family and colleagues in and around London, after yesterday's tragic events.. I think it sums up the way everyone must be feeling…..

Hope all is well with you and everybody you know.

What a crazy daze of a day! London felt serenely calm and quiet - like the sound had been turned off

A mass of walking people returning home while no cars were on the streets. Just the soundless footsteps of the walking Londoners. Desperately trying to use their mobile phones

It was yesterday that the history of the city echoed through. How many times have we seen this before? How many times has the earth beneath our feet felt the quiver of a bomb, ripping flesh and families apart.

In a weird way there was a dignity in how Londoners handled it all in a quiet way. The shock echoing through our bodies, the disbelief and the waiting of what to do next , where to go, how to move forward

It feels like the work of mad men so badly executing their point. Where do they want to take this? Into carnage without any purpose? No intellect, no thought to what they want other than to spread pain possibly because they have felt the same pain at the hands of our politics An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It is an endless and thankless state to live in.

Pick up the pieces and mend the heart, gather to the streets and celebrate that life is beautiful no matter what. That the people who rob you of life must not be the masters of your fate or dictate how you feel or else we become the political puppets. Defy them with your resolve not to react. Take control and shine.

Love is the only answer

Topic : Friends & Family
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : July 8, 2005



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