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DISPATCH: The Unhappiest Place on Earth
Posted on June 7, 2002 by Anita

How long would it take for a seamstress in a Bangladesh factory which manufactured shirts for the Disney Corporation to earn as much as Disney CEO Michael Eisner makes in one hour? Let's see: Michael Eisner makes $133 million a year, which works out to about $63,000 per hour; the Bangladeshi women are paid about 12 cents per hour. The answer then: 210 years.

Disney in Bangladesh
That number is an insult to human dignity and logic, and my friends at the National Labor Committee have launched a campaign to make sure Disney doesn't get away with such exploitation.

The women in the factory worked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week for 8 years. They were routinely denied basic necessities such as maternity leave, and beaten regularly if they fell behind quota or complained about the horrendous conditions. They made 15 cents for each shirt Disney turned around and sold for $18 apiece.

When the women bravely took a stand, Disney simply pulled its operation out of the factory, and left all the women destitute.

Tell Disney to take responsibility for its actions by cleaning up the conditions at the Shah Makhdum factory in Bangladesh, bringing back the work at a fair wage, and giving the women who have helped enrich Disney for the past 8 years a chance to make a dignified living.

You may download a sample customizable letter to Disney CEO Michael Eisner, or add your signature to the NLC's online version. The NLC also provides a downloadable leaflet that they encourage you to print out in quantity and distribute at a Disney store, park, or event near you.

Read the NLC's reports on the campaign, as well as background on the issue at nlcnet.org

Topic : Sweat Shops
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : June 7, 2002



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