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DISPATCH: You Are Only As Old As You Feel
Posted on October 14, 2005 by Anita Roddick

As Iíve got older, Iíve got more radical. I remember seeing so many people of my age protesting at the WTO Meeting in Seattle in 1999 Ė now that really perked me up! We were literally on the front line of the protests, we were tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed but nothing was going to deter our right to be heard. I realised at that point, that even if I donít want to take physical risks any longer, the thrill of action and the discipline of commitment will always make my life more worthwhile.

This is me at 62 Ė a woman who realises all those assumptions about age are someone elseís hang-up. Just take a look at these results from a poll by Yours magazine in the UK. Very interesting!!! The task now is to be heard!

And then Iíll use the article that I found........

A poll of 2,000 women by Yours magazine found they felt an average of 20 years younger than their real age. Most said they would not really feel truly old until they had reached their ninth decade, and led a busy, active life full of excitement. And almost all believed they were much more young at heart than their own grandmother.

  • 77% said they were happy
  • Six out of ten drive a car
  • 25% drink alcohol every day
  • Average consumption is five units a week
  • Seven out of ten who have a partner say they enjoy a good love life

    The respondents' average age was 69 but they said they felt more like 48. And with average life expectancy for a woman increasing, they can now expect to live longer than their predecessors.

    The poll found today's grandmothers were more likely to be travelling the world and enjoying regular nights out than opting for a quiet life sitting by the fire knitting.

    Many said they had never felt healthier, happier or financially more secure.

    On average, the women who took part in the study had two children - compared with the seven their own grandmothers brought up. Many respondents said they saw their grandchildren very regularly, with four out of 10 acting as child minders.

    However, there was a widespread feeling that there was more respect for older people in the 1960s, which the majority of respondents still viewed as a golden age of less crime and sleaze.

    Yours editor Valery McConnell said: "Retirement is now something to be relished not endured. "It is no longer the twilight years but the dawn of a whole new adventure. Today's grans are having the time of their lives and the rest of us envy their carefree, groovy lifestyles. This is the luckiest generation of grans ever. Many have good pensions, their homes have soared in value, they have good health and plenty of years to enjoy their new found leisure activities."

    Mel Beardon, Age Concern England spokeswomen said: "Many people haven't noticed that old age has been going through a silent revolution. We now have pensioners who are exploring the world dating, working longer and enjoying an active social life. However despite this older people still suffer ageist barriers once they turn 65. Many are denied services, jobs and even medical treatment simply because of their age."

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    Posted By : Anita Roddick
    Posted On : October 14, 2005



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    Re : You Are Only As Old As You Feel
    By Grace on June 29, 2006

    10 'Grannies for Peace' Arrested in Philly
    By JOANN LOVIGLIO (Associated Press Writer)
    From Associated Press

    You are never to old to fight for your rights.

    June 28, 2006 10:42 PM EDT
    PHILADELPHIA - Police arrested ten elderly members of the anti-war group called the Granny Peace Brigade who refused to leave a military recruiting center Wednesday after they were told they were too old to enlist.

    Several dozen protesters, some using wheelchairs, canes or walkers and many sporting flower-festooned hats, held signs and chanted outside the downtown Armed Forces Recruiting Center. Some drivers waved and honked their horns in support, and the grandmothers replied by cheering and clapping.

    A few of the women went inside the recruiting facility to speak with military recruiters and to try to dissuade those who arrived to enlist.

    "We're saying, 'I've lived my life. Let me go to Iraq instead of our grandchildren, so they have a chance to live their lives,'" said Jean Haskell, 74, a grandmother of five from Philadelphia.

    The grandmothers were joined in front of the recruiting center by members of other anti-war organizations, whose members chanted, "We insist. Let the grannies enlist."

    The center closed several hours early because of the demonstration, but some protesters remained inside. They were arrested about three hours later.

    It was not immediately clear whether the women had attorneys, or what specific charges they faced.

    In April, 18 Granny Peace Brigade protesters in New York were acquitted of disorderly conduct charges stemming from a demonstration outside a Times Square recruiting center.


    On the Net:

    Grandmothers for Peace International: http://www.grandmothersforpeace.org


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