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DISPATCH: Ethical Buying Made Easy For Business
Posted on November 18, 2005 by Anita Roddick

At last it’s arrived a company whose mission is very simple - to break down the barriers of cost, when it comes to businesses being able to buy goods and services ethically. via3office.com for me represents an elegant solution that enables small and large businesses alike to purchase ethically to make a positive contribution in building an ecologically sustainable economy here in the UK. There can be no more excuses – here we have a cost effective and efficient solution to ethical business purchasing.

For many of the 83,000 small to medium-sized businesses in the UK ensuring the supply of environmentally friendly office products and services can often be too complex to handle cost effectively. via3office.com provides a straightforward solution for such businesses.

via3office.com’s service meets the needs of businesses that are seeking a price competitive and quality assured ethical office supply service. Everything they sell, from stationery to office cleaning, is socially and environmentally responsible, and is offered already at some of the most competitive prices available in the UK for ethical products.

In its short history the company has already attracted many prestigious customers, ranging from NGO’s like Amnesty International, social enterprises like the Big Issue, public sector organisations and many small to medium sized business customers.

via3office.com’s service offers the following key benefits:

Price competitive ethical purchasingvia3office.com pools the buying power of all its customers to achieve price reductions for ethical purchasing. Founding partners John Theaker and Karl Harder explain that their business is committed to using profits to lower prices and reinvest in the service. John and Karl argue that their company enables large corporate organisations that purchase through via3office.com to not only enhance their own ethical credentials but help support smaller companies by setting an example and ensuring even more competitive prices through wholesale bulk buying.

Delivering efficiency – via3office.com makes it easy for companies to purchase ethically by providing a centralised ordering process based around a convenient one-stop shop.

Delivering quality assurance – via3office.com takes the trouble out of finding quality sources of ethical supply. Their whole supply chain approach means all their products and services combine the highest standards of ecological sustainability and social justice.

Apart from having one of the lowest list prices for recycled paper in the country, amongst its many products and services, via3office.com runs its own London wide ethical office cleaning service. This is high quality, ecological and socially responsible service, combining the use of ecologically sustainable cleaning materials and excellent employment standards for our staff in line with London Living Wage ensuring high levels of commitment and motivation. The living wage is a level set by the Greater London Authority Living Wage Unit currently at £6.70 per hour.

In addition via3office.com operates a London wide taxi service using cars mostly equipped with hybrid or gas-powered engines and advanced navigational and communications equipment.

More details of this and its other services can be seen at via3office.com

Topic : Environment
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : November 18, 2005



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Re : Ethical Buying Made Easy For Business
By Peter Cook on November 22, 2005

Its great to see businesses that get a competitive advantage by making the world a better place. Apparently 13% of funds under management in the USA are in Ethical Investements (www.abetterearth.org). Who would have thought that it would be businesses that save the world?


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