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DISPATCH: What is AnitaRoddick.com about, anyway?
Posted on October 19, 2001 by Anita

I've always said that travel is the best university; getting from one place to another means more than physical movement. It also entails change, challenge, new ideas and inspirations. The Internet is a perfect platform for this kind of extra-ordinary travel. Think of this website as a kind of global travel agency for your heart and mind, with me as your humble guide.

Take a trip with me into the worlds of activism, ethical business, human rights, environmentalism, womanhood, family, and so much more. One day, you'll be able to visit a women's co-operative in Ghana, the next, a black family farm in Alabama. One day, I'll be talking about beauty rituals in Japan; another I'll be having a go at the US government's willful ignorance about the wonders of industrial hemp, the crop of the future.

In other words, this website is a grab-bag of ideas. But isn't that how we learn to appreciate life? Join me: I want to connect with people who share my outrage over the menace of global business practices, and who, like me, are seeking solutions. But I also want to tell -- and hear, from you -- stories that lift our spirits, that celebrate how glorious our planet is.

Outrage and celebration -- let's run this gamut together.

Topic : Globalization
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : October 19, 2001



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Re : What is AnitaRoddick.com about, anyway?
By Richard A Johnson on August 13, 2008

Last year saw our largest Growth in the recycling sector. We achieved 150 odd contracts from Businesses looking to recycling their computer hardware in and around the UK.

One of those businesses was of course the Body Shop.

Now, we pride ourselves on our ethical stance of non-export and ensuring equipment is treated in the UK.

The point I'm trying to mae is that even after Anita Roddick left the Body Shop and sadly passed away, the Company still holds true to it's ethics, employing contractors that can demonstrate ethical values and I can only surmise, sourcing ethical goods from all over the world. A lasting, educational legacy if you ask me.

Richard Johnson


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"Trade is neither inherently good nor bad. But how it is conducted is a matter of great concern -- and an unprecedented opportunity. Trade can either contribute to the process of sustainable development or undermine it. .... There is no question what the choice must be." -- Hilary French

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