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DISPATCH: What is Exxon Afraid Of?
Posted on June 27, 2002 by Anita

Apparently executives at ExxonMobil are more concerned about their logo than the planet. That's the message they sent when they sued Greenpeace France this week in connection with the Stop Esso campaign, a boycott collaboration with The Body Shop. Exxon's "defense" of its logo is yet more evidence of the company's skewed and selfish priorities.

Exxon's lawsuit claims that Greenpeace's perversion of Esso's logo, which replaces the two middle letters with dollar signs, evokes the Nazi "SS" symbol and is damaging to its business. It also wants to stop the campaign using the expression "StopEsso". Ironic that Exxon (Esso in Europe) should spend its time and energy suing Greenpeace over a logo instead of changing its abhorrent policies and disinformation campaign on global climate change.

Greenpeace Executive Director Gerd Leipold says that Greenpeace is not backing down. "This is just ridiculous. Esso knows it can't win a debate about climate change, and it won't discuss the content of the website. Instead Esso is trying to gag us with legal threats. We will fight this in court."

When the campaign began, ExxonMobil repeatedly said the boycott was not affecting its business. Now, with this silly lawsuit, it has perhaps unintentionally proven that the campaign is working far better than Exxon hoped it would.

Greenpeace UK Director Stephen Tindale says, "Instead of using bully-boy antics to gag free speech, we suggest Esso instead halts its campaign to subvert international action on climate change. We simply replaced two letters in Esso's logo with the internationally recognised symbol for the US dollar. We find it ironic that the richest corporation in the world can't recognise the dollar sign and confuses it with a Nazi symbol. In the meantime we're delighted Esso has finally admitted that our campaign is having an effect."

Tell Exxon what you think about their bullying of Greenpeace and their anti-environmental policies. And sign up at StopEsso.org to reaffirm that Exxon can't silence dissent through legal harassment.

Topic : Global Warming
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : June 27, 2002



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