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DISPATCH: Make Fairtrade Your Habit
Posted on March 8, 2006 by Anita Roddick

Im supporting the Fairtrade Foundation by taking part in a photographic exhibition, along with some other familiar faces such as Lenny Henry, Jon Snow and Richard Wilson, to highlight the positive impact that buying Fairtrade products can have on poverty.

The exhibition is a series of black and white portraits, taken by Trevor Leighton, of high profile celebrities having fun with a range of Fairtrade products from pineapple to cotton, and will run from Wednesday 8th March to Sunday 26th March at the Oxo Tower Wharf, London.

Support Fairtrade products there are now more than 1,300 products available ranging from fruit and veg, to wine and flowers.

Visit the Fairtrade Foundation to find out more about the exhibition, about the Fairtrade Foundation or about fair trade issues in general.

Topic : Communities
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : March 8, 2006



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