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DISPATCH: Every Body Grows
Posted on March 16, 2006 by Anita Roddick

To find out more about today's announcement please visit:

My personal interview on the announcement - register your details and then gain access to the film.

Interviews with Adrian Bellamy, Chairman of The Body Shop and Peter Saunders, CEO of The Body Shop - register your details and then gain access to their films.

Topic : About Anita
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : March 16, 2006



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Re : Every Body Grows
By yzzy on September 10, 2007

You haven't section for this yet.... Im so sorry..... rest in peace Anita.... you did do good...

YZZY xxx purplepromo.com

Re : Every Body Grows
By Remi Hickman on January 6, 2007

I used to buy from The Body Shop but unfortunately won't anymore. Regardless of the fact that LOreal may abide by The Body Shop and still produce animal free testing products for The Body Shop. By purchasing items from The Body Shop you will be lining the pockets of LOreal who still test on animals for their other products!

Re : Every Body Grows
By Tracy Brereton on September 2, 2006

I work for a Body Shop store within the UK, and I have to say that I do trust Anita and what she is trying to achieve. There are so many people out there in the world, including companies and especially the press that are only too happy to destroy something good. That is exactly what happened as soon as the announcement about Loreal was released. People, companies and the press simply could not wait to turn against The Body Shop and Anita without finding out the details first. Sadly, thats what things are like in my view, some companies and press see something good (The body shop) and as soon as something happens that rocks the boat (loreal), the companies and the press simply cannot wait to get in there and destroy them. (or attempt to destroy). Anita made the decision very wisely and i dont understand how people can be so shallow not to realise that she has done it to improve TBS, and to get a better chance of having more community trade products on the shelves, more companies taking part in community trade and more companies trading the way TBS does with the same important and necessary values in today's modern world. As she has said herself, TBS is not changing any of it's values, and Loreal want to take our values and use them themselves. So for all you negative people out there - how can this be so wrong? All of you boycotters out there - why boycott TBS when Anita is only trying to protect and nourish it, as well as carrying on all of her projects to help people, animals, the planet? I dont understand why people think that it was a bad decision. Anita is a very passionate person about TBS - its her baby! - so why on earth would she risk losing all of the hard work and values that has been put in to the company in the last 30 years. TBS is a strong company with strong staff and strong values, and i know that it wont be beaten down by press who dont have the balls to look up the facts and background before they go to print. All i can say to all the people out there that are negative about the loreal issue - it watch this space - Rome wasnt built in a day.

Re : Every Body Grows
By sheena on August 4, 2006

Trsut and Faith. I agree with the comment posted by William Hazlitt... I have been working for the Body Shop for a relativley short time, and have listened to many customer's descriptions of the company in the past, all that led it to be what is is today. I abandoned my chosen trade of retail for good as i found it draining to say the least- until i walked into one of the stores and felt i could work there and can honestly say thatit is the best job i have ever had,most inspiring, enthiusiastic environment and products that i can belive in. I am on the lowest wage since 17 and am at my happiest.
I suspended judgement upon hearing about the L'oreal takeover- i felt i did not know all the sides of the issue and had no inclination to take a negative attitude or quit (which i would do i a heartbeat if it felt rotten), and am still feeling it out. However, the conclusion i repeatedly come to is to have faith in Anita's decision. The company is her baby, she has nurtured it for 30 years, has a personal amazing track record for defending the spirit of earthly life and humanity and i can't possibly imagine what would make her change track now. I belive that Anita was perfectly aware of the immense considerations of this decision -and Nestle's interest in the company, let alone it's ethics... and i wonder if she saw this as an opportunity to be effective from the inside! The value structure of TBS seems solid and has been built caerfully over years, it will take a while to affect change not in accord with it's forward thinking. Personally, i am excited.. who knows the potential.. this simple buiseness have changed government law, can it really make a legit difference to a big international power? Let's see, I'm still backing it 100%... after all, change is the only constant, evolution is the way of the wotld and there is no greater force. x

Re : Every Body Grows
By gordon sims on July 11, 2006

I LOVED the Body Shop products in the late 80's and early 90's. Since then, something has changed. The products look, feel, and smell too much like Bath and Body Works. Fortunately the spirit of the old Body Shop products seem to live in many Lush products. Thank the Goddess Lush has appeared!!!! I still Love Anita and her enthusiasm and passion!!!!

Re : Every Body Grows
By katie on June 12, 2006

Im doing you has my hero for your will to stand up for what you believe in.I am also in love with all the products you sell. I hope I will be like you one day!!.

Re : Every Body Grows
By sue on May 9, 2006

I have purchased Body Shop products for many years, for its stance against animal testing, its fair trade principles, its attitude towards women's self-esteem, its attitude towards the ridiculous beauty industry.

But now, on learning of this takeover by L'Oreal, a company part-owned by Nestle, and one that I have never looked favourably upon for any reason, I will no longer be purchasing anything from The Body Shop. I have shunned Nestle for years, and have no desire to be associated with them in any way.

From now on, I will be purchasing products from small, local companies with strong ethical principles, organically produced ingredients as far as possible, and no desire to be associated with huge corporations that swallow and swamp everyone in their wake.

'Growth' is not always a positive thing.

Re : Every Body Grows
By Tiffney on April 2, 2006

I work for The Body Shop in the USA. I have to say that when I first started working for this company I was extremely proud. I felt like I was supporting while working for a "profits with principals" company. I honestly don't know how I feel about this sale. There are always changes that are made when a company buys out another company. I hope that nothing truly changes. I want it to always be the shop that it was when my mother took me there to buy her vitamin E products. I was the little girl that smelled the perfume oils and looked at the make up. I never believed that I would one day work in one. Every time I buy a product from the shop I feel as though I am helping to change the world. Long after I have left this company I will buy from The Body Shop just to support its great principals. I see where Anita is going with trying to branch out and change other companies. Trying to show them that you can make money the right way. I just hope that it doesn't work in the opposite way. People that shop at The Body Shop don't want to shop in a place they feel is turning into everything it was against. Its one thing to start off that way. You don't expect anything then. It is a whole different thing when a good company goes bad and what I have learned from seeing how consumers are is that they don't forgive.

Re : Every Body Grows
By Louise Franklin on March 22, 2006

I am profoundly disappointed. L'Oreal is 26.4% owned by Nestle, commonly known as the most unethical company in the world. Nestle known for the constant and flagrant abuse of UN sanctions on baby Milk advertising, dubious (and perhaps dishonest?) advertising and promises regardings its new fair-traded Partners coffee and altogether being the bad guys of the worlds multi-nationals.

I believe in change for growth, but not change for profit where people will suffer.

Anita is a passionate women witha depth of integrity sadly missing in today's business world, but I am saddened and disappointed by this news.
Someone has unfortunately mislead her as tot he ethical background of L'Oreal's parent company.

Re : Every Body Grows
By angeline bassett on March 21, 2006

Hearing about body shop being sold to loreal was not what i wanted to hear. I am a former employee of many years meeting Anita and Peter, and also a loyal customer. When working at the store in the beginning it was about core values and having faith in our products. As time grew it was having faith that our products would bring in more and more money. I can see Anitas side, it is a business that needs to make money to stay alive but what about what the body shop stands for that started everything? Truely reading everyones side I really dont believe loreal will take on body shops ethics. And how much sense does it make to have half of a company believe in one side and the other another. Only time can tell how this will play off and see how many loyal fans will follow.

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