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DISPATCH: Seven Magazine
Posted on May 25, 2006 by Anita Roddick

I’ve come across a great new magazine site called Seven magazine and one of the great aspects of the project is that is run by young and innovative minded people on a voluntary basis, writing about the issues that really matter.

The project has received a great deal of support since it won a prestigious award last year, and has had the fortune to have support from the likes of The Big Issue and Time Out along its road to success. It includes the following organisations among its supporters: The Big Issue, Kick it Out, YMCA, Millennium Campaign, Farm Africa, Africa Analysis, Virgin Money, The International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, CWAC, Show Racism the Red Card, Traid, Oxfam

The magazine sets out its mission statement as being: ‘Seven magazine will address key issues from the seven continents. It will also feature art, film, fashion, and culture reviews from around the world. In an age where the mainstream media fails to address the real issues that affect the world, Seven will provide a diverse representation of the multi-cultural environment we live in and discuss the positive and negative issues generated by the contemporary climate. Seven will also provide young and emerging writing talent with a platform on which to address the real issues that affect the planet we live on.’

The magazine website was only launched in February but has already featured exclusive interviews with political celebrities such as George Clooney and Dead Prez, and pulls-no-punches when it comes to addressing the issues out there that matter.

One of the most positive aspects about Seven is that it is supporting issues that matter such as the Angola 3 case. Seven is 100% behind the campaign and is supporting the efforts being made to get the guys out of the Angola prison by myself and PrisonActivist in our campaign to free these innocent men.

Seven is also currently developing its own charity, the Seven Foundation which will use funds raised by the trustee board and the magazine when it goes to print to provide young people from underprivileged backgrounds (in the UK and abroad) with the opportunity to participate in, or create, projects based in film, art, music, culture and sport. The beneficiaries’ ages will range from 14-30, and they will have set out a project that already exists or they intend to run that will benefit them and the local community and has the potential to grow as a result of the funding.

If you have an article to contribute or wish to write for or support the magazine, contact editorial@se7enmagazine.org

Topic : The Media
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : May 25, 2006



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