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DISPATCH: ‘Gem Of A Book’ Says The Australian Geography Teachers Association
Posted on August 8, 2006 by Anita Roddick

In my post bag this morning I received a copy of Geographical Education – a magazine published annually and distributed to members and associates affiliated with the Australian Geography Teachers Association – and in the magazine was a great review of Troubled Water……..

‘Sometimes you come across a book you want to hold on to, that engages you with its presentation, that you love to flip through, that you delight in having found. Troubled Water is just such a book.

Although it contains essays from well-known identities, it is littered with quotes, fact and figures that grab your attention with striking photographs and graphics. The format, if you pardon the pun, whets one’s appetite for more, for dipping into periodically, or for a good soaking dose of information. The essays are short and punchy. They don’t waste words and they are not for the faint-hearted or those looking for soft answers. Although published in the UK this is not a Eurocentric book, referring to countries on every continent.

Issues of privatisation of water, and debunking a few myths around this, precede a section on contaminated and polluted water. The fashion of bottled water is highlighted with the accompanying problems of what to do with all the used bottles in a chapter delightfully titled ‘Evian backwards is naïve.’

One would think if we haven’t go enough water, then perhaps we just need to build some more storage dams. ‘Damming it all to hell’ is a sharp look at the impacts of big dams on people, food production and other options. Access to water for the billion people who don’t have access to water within a 15 minute walk of their homes is also examined, as it the impact of war and conflict around the world. A look at too much water, with the impacts of global warming and some innovative solutions, conclude this gem of a book with a range of international resources listed at the end.

It is appropriate for secondary students of all levels because of its great presentation and range of information, but it is also a good teacher resource.’

Topic : The Media
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : August 8, 2006



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Give Geography its Place
By Daniel Raven-Ellison on August 28, 2006

It is fantastic to see the AGTA supporting Anita's work.

Modern geography is crucial for young people to understand the world they live in and yet the media gives the field little positive attention. 50% of remarks about Geography Teachers in the Guardian (UK newspaper) take the form of a joke and the BBC as well as other major media channels fail to have anyone responsible for the field.

This needs to change if young people are to have the best possible geography education and understand crucial issues from potential water wars and poverty to climate change and trade.

Help to bring about this change by visiting http://www.passion4geography.co.uk and signing up to the campaign. If you are a parent a new petition is being launched in October 2006. This can be seen online now at http://www.petitionthem.com/?sect=detail&pet=3446

Make a difference and Give Geography its Place...


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