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DISPATCH: Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
Posted on December 8, 2006 by Anita Roddick

I’ve been sent an email on the website whydoesgodhateamputees.com. The message is below. I wanted to post it to my blog as I’m curious to know the story behind this site. If there is anyone out there who knows, do let me know. The logic is very clever and entertaining.

Is God real, or is he imaginary? It is one of the most important questions in America today, because this question lies at the heart of the American culture wars.

If God is real and if God inspired the Bible, then we should worship God as the Bible demands. We should certainly post the Ten Commandments in our courthouses and shopping centers, put "In God We Trust" on the money, pray in our schools and eliminate the theory of evolution from every curriculum. We should focus our society on God and his infallible Word because our everlasting souls hang in the balance.

On the other hand, if God is imaginary, then religion is a complete illusion. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are pointless. We should eliminate God from our society because God is meaningless. Belief in God is nothing but a silly superstition, and this superstition leads a significant portion of the population to be completely delusional.

But how can we decide, conclusively, whether God is real or imaginary?

Since we are intelligent human beings living in the 21st century, we should take the time to look at some data. That is what we are doing when we ask, "Why won't God heal amputees?"

If you are an intelligent human being, and if you want to understand the true nature of God, you owe it to yourself to ask, "Why won't God heal amputees?" Start your exploration here…..

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Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : December 8, 2006



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Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Evan on December 22, 2006

"The logic is very clever and entertaining"

Entertaining ... mildly. Clever ... not really. It's actually quite flawed because it starts with the wrong premise: namely that if God exists then He should eliminate all problems. It has a rather simplistic and innaccurate view of religion & prayer in particular - that God is a like a genie who is their to grant all our wishes, that He is their to serve our purposes.

I think Jesus' simile of God being a father is incredibly helpful. If parents exist and they love their children they why don't they always intervene when they see their children making mistakes or bad decisions; or why don't parents always rectify the consequences of their children's mistakes or bad decisions; or why don't parents give their children everything they ask for when it is in their power to give? Is is because they don't exist or that they don't really love their children?

Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Christopher McCOY on December 21, 2006

The Universe and all reality is REAL, so to speak. The Universe IS God, whether this is considered to be a divine being or "simply" its and our existence and presence. Consequently, the arbitrary name that we give this thing, here God, (many different names in other HUMAN(!!!) languages, though the same thing nonetheless) is still talking about the same thing, the magnificence of existence itself, which is innate in all things, you included.
Now Religions do have many absolutely correct understandings about how best to live life, and these can also be communicated using some HUMAN (!!!) scientific principles too. I am writing a text about this, for everyone, amongst mnay other things.

It is not whether one has the use of body parts, or not that is the point. Really. It is OUR error in thinking that leads to a problem, a dichotomy, not that of the Universe. The Universe "just" IS, it is more whether we are in-tune with it, rather than coming from an arbitrarily derived and defined persective.

As such, a choice exists. It is not (on the whole), why do things or people have certain capabilities, or perceived lack thereof, but more importantly how does one view these. If we view all life - yes, you, included - as being amazing that it exists at all, and that is "comes" from and is inherently immersed IN the bigger picture, then we thereby act with a care as if from "God" in our minds, and have infinite value on those which we DO have, and which we ARE, and that exist AS THEY EXIST (not how we perceive they should be, necessarily)!

As such, one person's amputation could become the springboard for enormous value of life, and what they DO have, and they can empathise with and help others as a direct consequence of their experience (which they would not have had otherwise). Or, they can mope and lie around upset and complaining that things are not how THEY perceive they SHOULD be, irrespective of hoe things ARE !

This lies at the heart of all issues in our life, from Climate Change to Personal self confidence to dealing with neighbours, to poverty, etc...

It is not what we have, but how we view things that is important.

Only ignorance of all that is life would lead to the eradication of religion. Yet, as with our illness of neverending desires for more and more technology which thereby has symptoms of "adversely" affecting planetary species, planetary climate, interpersonal and personal relations etc..., the view that religion can be dropped is just yet another symptom of a fundamental illness in the minds of people !

God and the Universe (are these actually different?) are real. How this is interpreted, and then acted upon, is actually the question at hand.

How functional or seemingly-non-functional out minds or limbs, whilst alive we have much capability, for ourselves and/or others, even just by default. It would be as well to accept this, and actions that follow are thereby modifed accordingly.

I provided very basic information to yourself Anita at the 40th Anniversary of the Resurgence magazine, information then called "The Bare Necessities" and "The Idea". It would be of value, then, to have a look through the snippet of the remit of the proposal contained in that info. to address this and many many other issues prctically for everyone's benefit, in just about every issue.

Best Wishes !!

Chris. M.

Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Henk on December 21, 2006

Hi Anita ....I hope you will place this writing.
We did not learn to discover inside ourselfs who we really are.
Jesus did.
He gave people there limbs again if He wished to do so.
Here a interesting conversation between Jesus and a tax collector.

The son of the tax collector was raised from the dead
and made completely healty.
He had been sick for seven long years.
The tax collector asked Jesus how someting like that
could ever be possible........nobody has demonstrated
something like that ever before.
The answer that Jesus gave him:
Friend... when the human spirit is orderly awaken , he find
all kind of secrets ......and when he is awaken in the full light
he realises that he is the creator of all life.
That is the purpose and the trick to find and recognise yourself
You are also living, thinking willing and you are doing like you
think and want.....but you do not know what life is....how it thinks
and wants and how it is putting all the limbs in a corresponding
active movement.
But he who has found that in himselves and realised well
is a real master of his life and a real master of the life of fellowmen.
Then he can do what I have done for your son.....yes he can do more:
See he can make himself totaly immortal.

From New Revalation J.Lorber

What are we now waiting for....yes indeed someone who fill find inside himself....indeed the second coming of Christ and everyone can reach this....that is so nice


Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Anne on December 20, 2006

A good book to read on this topic is 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch. However, you could say that the book is by God as He supposedly talks to the author. Mind blowing!
As for the power of prayer I only prayed really really prayed for one 'thing' in my life. I didn't get 'it' BUT I could have had 'it' when it was too late. I think God plays tricks on people to keep us on our toes! Sorry if this sounds like a riddle but Life is like a riddle most of the time anyway!

Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Dominic on December 14, 2006

Dear all,

A truly fascinating article and website. The story behind I cannot tell, that will require significant investigation however the article itself has inspired me to write, so write I must…

There IS some major scientific evidence which suggests that prayer does in-fact work, and work very well.

The broad issue is science versus religion and the seemingly endless inability of the two sides to cotton on to the fact that rather than contradict one another, they in fact compliment one another very well.

Firstly let’s try to define 'God'. Not easy - we have a 1000 definitions from a thousand religions, all slightly different, all broadly based on the notion that God can and should answer all our problems, yet can also be vengeful and demand we live by certain rules to receive his blessings.

To my mind no 'God' as we would have ourselves believe him to be - loving, kind, generous, protecting - would also have the capacity to be angry, authoritarian or judgemental. Not unless our God is duplicitous which is no kind of God-like trait I ever seen openly touted about or advocated yet in all religion that is in-fact, when analysed, what is preached subconsciously.

We live in a Universe of staggering perfection and beauty – of clear scientific superiority. I have yet to see any man or woman create a big bang or explosion and out of it create a mere twig, let alone a tree or a leaf or a Sun or water or life. Yet there are many amongst us who like to believe that we are 'it' - we are all intelligent, we are the pinnacle of nature’s work to date, therefore we are God.

Now let us consider a world where God did cure everything, where no matter what trauma we may awake to find ourselves facing on any given day we could whack out a prayer or two and whallop, problems solved, life is dandy and we need not do a thing to help ourselves - and much more importantly need not worry to do a thing to help our fellows - for God takes care of everything….

Where would our social, moral and ethical evolution be then? No-where, that’s where for it would not need to be and let me state now that as a firm believer in God I am also am a firm believer in evolution, both physical and psychological.

If God we're on hand to cure all our ills - including amputees victim to the oil barons and war mongers of this world - then we would have no cause as a race to modify and evolve our thinking or behaviour. We'd all be out there not caring one iota about our conduct, whom we hurt of a given day, or how we hurt them. It just wouldn't matter. We would live in a world devoid of feeling or compassion towards one another. We would in-fact have nothing to live for...we all strive to better ourselves (whether that be a terrorist wishing to be a better terrorist or a nurse wishing to be a better nurse) in our daily lives and actions. In a world where, because of God’s limitless healing powers, that didn't matter our very existence would be pointless. We would have nothing to strive for because we could be a deficient as we choose to be safe in the knowledge that for nipping off somewhere quiet for 5 minutes and praying, that all our wrongs would be righted and all our problems solved. It would breed a selfishness of mind beyond anything we can even comprehend today.

God wishes us to cure the problems faced by amputees by evolving our group consciousness to a point where we are no longer creating amputees through our own actions in the first place.

So, just how do I define God - well simply as a power greater than myself, greater than any human power. Its been proven beyond any doubt - something somewhere somehow created the universe and everything in it, and I defy any man or woman alive to tell me that, that thing - God as we have over the centuries come to call 'it' - is not of far greater intelligence, & is not wielding a power far more powerful than we humans have even begun to contemplate. Last time I looked the resulting 'creation' of our Biggest Bang was 1 million or so dead, double that number in amputees and decades of thereafter social, economic and humanitarian crisis'. I didn't see a leaf or a tree anywhere that’s for sure. Maybe some would argue we did create a giant mushroom in amongst it all but lets face fact, it was a stupendously poisonous mushroom. In fact there it is – thus far we have in replicating God’s biggest demonstration of intelligence and power, The Big Bang, managed only to create the worlds most poisonous giant mushroom that killed everything within hundreds of miles of it. God on the other hand rustled up a planet or two, a few trees and er oh yes, intelligent life complete with a Universe capable of sustaining it.

So, what of the power of prayer that I opened this somewhat argumentative piece of prose with?

Addiction. Addiction is the route cause of every problem we face in the world today whether it be addiction to power, addiction to wealth, addiction to war, addiction drink, addiction to clothes, food, appearance, weight, money or drugs.

Addiction has baffled the worlds leading doctors and psychiatrists for decades, and to this day continues to baffle them. Ask any addict too, when they are desperate to stop whatever addiction is dominating or destroying their life why they cannot stop they will tell you, if they are being honest, that they simply don’t know. That they are baffled. No pill can yet, overnight, cause a person to give up smoking, or give up drugs or drink or gambling or indeed anything on the list above – which, mind, represents only a fraction of the things we humans are addicted to.

There is only one thing that has been known to remove addiction overnight as if by magic – yep, you got it in one…Prayer. Seek out any recovering drink or drug addict and you will find that they, if they were an addict of the hopeless and thus doomed variety, having spent years and years desperately trying everything in his or her own power to stop, if they are lucky enough to of been shown, found that by getting on their knees of a morning and simply asking God to remove the obsession of the drink or the drug from their mind, that it was lifted. And yes again you thought correctly – surely in some cases a period of scientifically based detoxification is also required? It is and by golly there you have it…science and prayer coming together in holy matrimony to solve one of the single biggest problems the world suffers from today. Addiction. That is fact, not fiction. Is it not addiction to power that creates war? Is it not addiction to wealth that creates poverty? Is it not addiction to feeling high that creates unimaginable lows? Yes, yes and yes again. If God and Prayer were so weak, so meaningless then why has man, man driven by addiction to power, repeatedly over the centuries used both to such at times devastating affect? God, prayer and science together represent a power beyond anything we can create today. A bomb can kill a million people, God and Prayer can captivate 10 times that number. Multiply those things together and we are talking about something, when applied in the correct way, just awesome by design.

There are millions, yes, millions of recovering and recovered addicts - most of them originally either deeply atheist or agnostic - who will bear testimony to that statement.
Men and women who's lives were being destroyed by MAN MADE addictive substances found that no MAN MADE substance could relieve them of their problems. No MAN MADE amount of will power could relieve them of their problems. Yet wondrously simply by having a willingness to believe in a 'power greater than themselves' these same men and women - from every rung of the social ladder (addiction does not care about status) ..the street junkies and drunks to the high powered lawyers, bankers and statesmen...found that their problem was lifted.
Furthermore it is a daily reprieve - a recovering addict, whether he or she be 6 days clean or 16 years, will every day be on their knees upon awaking in the morning and upon retiring at night asking God to remove the obsession and thanking God for removing the obsession.
And the most amazing by product of it all? A huge psychological change. These once addicted men and women who could have been rightly viewed in many cases as being wholly self centred, self absorbed and generally resentful individuals ate transformed into people who care deeply about the welfare of their fellow man. I can’t pretend to tell you how that comes about but I can tell that it does, for I have seen it.

So to conclude. Perhaps if we as a race all got on our knees, or at least all those of us who desire peace, and openly prayed for an end to war and an end to greed and an end poverty (three problems plucked from the sky) we may find that as the days go by the numbers of us there, on our knees, would grow and grow and ultimately in time the consciousness of our race would, through prayer, remove the problem of the amputee, for we would no longer be creating the amputee in the first place. It would take guts, oit would take courage but surely we have all seen demonstrations in our respective lives that if men and women of faith have one thing in common, it is courage.

God is love and God is peace, and he or she is far far more powerful and intelligent than we will ever be – if science were to tell us nothing else it most surely tells us that.. If collectively we could all embrace that and do so openly then over time we would find ourselves in absolute awe of the Power of Prayer.

Re : Is God Real Or Is He Imaginary?
By Grace on December 10, 2006

Hello Anita and Staff,

I have read the article titled whydoesgodhateamputees.com and read the web site in its entirety. I have even read additional articles from Nicholas D. Kristof a journalist for the New York Times.
I thought I should look at what Amputees had to say. They say they have long been a bi-product of armed conflict. Amputees do not blame God they say lets start at the source. They say they are loosing limbs for oil. Please visit www.amputee-online.com/amputee/stumps_for_oil.html and you can sign a petition and get their perspective on the subject.

As always thanks Anita and Staff for the ability for me to learn, sign, and get behind another cause amputee-online.com/peace/.


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