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DISPATCH: Not In Our Name
Posted on October 22, 2002 by Anita

If there is a rallying cry in the anti-war movement more powerful than a simple "shame on you" to the warmongers, it is the expression, "not in my name." I am impressed by the caliber of people willing to publicly reject this proposed war on Iraq. They include Woody Harrelson, who wrote a spectacular indictment of the war in the Guardian last week, and now Sean Penn has taken on George Bush et al in an open letter in the Washington Post.

In an ad that cost a reported $56,000, Penn pleaded with Bush to stop a cycle in which "bombing is answered by bombing, mutilation by mutilation, killing by killing." (You can read Penn's whole ad here, but be patient ... it's a huge image file and will take a while to load.)

I agree with Sean. As I do with Woody, who wrote, "no amount of propaganda can convince me that half a million dead children is acceptable 'collateral damage.'"

I have to add my voice to the growing drumbeats of NO WAR. I have to ask, how many deaths of other people kids by starvation (the end result of sanctions) or bombing are we willing to accept in order that we may be affluent and "free" -- if not to speak our minds, then to bully and exploit? To this question I answer, "NONE." Please don't kill any children for what you perceive to be my benefit.

Don't go to war in my name.

Check out "Not in Our Name," a great project from artists and activists who understand that we all must speak up before any more terrible crimes are committed on our behalf.

Topic : War and Peace
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : October 22, 2002



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