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DISPATCH: Make A Noise!
Posted on May 23, 2008 by Brooke Shelby Biggs

Anita always said that all causes essentially came down to human rights. She would recognise that universality in the march and rally against the third runway at Heathrow that is scheduled to take place 31 May. This issue is about climate change, of course, but also about the proposed death of a community in the interest of questionable “progress.” More planes will mean more congestion, more pollution, and more noise. Let’s shout over the cacophony and make our own noise. Please join us next Saturday to create an enormous human “NO” that will be visible from the air.

Join us at noon on 31 May at Hatton Cross tube station on the Piccadilly Line, and we’ll make our way to Sipson, the town that will be wiped off the map if Heathrow expansion goes forward. There, we will arrange ourselves into a giant NO that can be seen from the air!

Expect to have plenty of fun, because all activism should be shot through with joy of course!

Visit make-a-noise.org for additional details, freetext NO and your email address to 80800, or ring the hotline on 020 8847 1727 for details.

Together we can make a bold statement to the government and aviation industry that we do not want or need an even bigger Heathrow at the cost of our health, planet, and communities. We are humans, and it is our right!

Topic : Communities
Posted By : Brooke Shelby Biggs
Posted On : May 23, 2008



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