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DISPATCH: Nuclear Answer
Posted on June 20, 2008 by Anita Roddick

Gordon Brown is firmly rooted in the past. Especially outdated, dangerous and dirty energy production. He's even thinking about giving the go-ahead to new coal-fired powered stations, the worst thing he could for global warming. Perhaps worse than his aviation expansion plans.

Then there's nuclear power, an old favorite and regularly touted as a solution to global warming. In short, nuclear power will deliver too little too late.

EnoughsEnough.org have partnered with Greenpeace on today's full-page ad in The Times. You can see it at the EnoughsEnough site.

ACTION - Help explore the possibility making your own town climate friendly by contacting your local council. Greenpeace have made it very easy for us to do and they will gladly pick up the running after your first email.

Topic : Global Warming
Posted By : Anita Roddick
Posted On : June 20, 2008



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Re : Nuclear Answer
By Andy Kadir-Buxton on May 27, 2009

Near-Zero CO2 Plan
All our power requirements are for lighting, heating, transport, and energy for such things as industry on down to exercise machines.

The lighting can be zero rated by building Buxton Geothermal Power Stations (BGTGs) which use the heat of the earth at depth by drilling ten kilometre deep holes.

The heating can be near-zero rated by installing Starlite coatings, which can prevent heat leaks, on the walls and ceilings of all premises.

Transport can be made near-zero in terms of carbon emissions by ensuring that all vehicles use BGTG electricity.

The carbon footprints of long range transport can be at least halved by having their fuels mixed permanently with water using an ultrasonic dibber.

Finally, the power needed for energy can be made entirely of BGTG electricity.

Mental illness costs the UK 100 billion per year, enough for the plan. The Kadir-Buxton Method can cure the ill in thirty seconds for free.

Reducing CO2 Levels Already Created

By creating as much biochar as possible we can take CO2 out of the atmosphere and oceans and store it safely in the soil. What we need is central planning, none of this will get done by the market which is obsessed by profits rather than results.

Re : Nuclear Answer
By Rio on June 23, 2008

First time to visit here. It is good to enlarge my perspective on environmental issues, human rights, global warming issues. Sure, I will go to Greenpeace site to know more concrete action suggestions.......Rio from Singapore


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