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DISPATCH: Media Workers Against War
Posted on February 7, 2003 by Anita

Ken Loach and Stephen Frears, two politically savvy and highly acclaimed film directors, have joined forces with dozens more creative people in the media to establish the U.K.-based Media Workers Against War. MWAW exists primarily as a collaborative weblog that seeks to unearth and publicize "the news the pro-war media ignores." MWAW is an incredible resource of news and resources for those of us who are actually interested in the truth and invested in peace.

What is perhaps most remarkable and encouraging is that many of the volunteers for MWAW are themselves members of mainstream media organizations such as the BBC and The Times who nonetheless feel they need to do more to get the real story -- the whole story -- of the war, the hidden motivations, the ramifications, and the global peace movement into the popular consciousness, because the press is failing.

MWAW was first formed during the Gulf War and reformed in Sept. 2001, but is really picking up speed with the impending war on Iraq. The Guardian said last year: "If you feel strongly about the allied action in Afghanistan and want to get involved, this [website] is where you need to go."

That is more true than ever now. Go to MWAW.org, bookmark it, and visit it regularly. I am.

If you're in London and can make it, don't miss "An Evening of Anti-War Film and Debate: With Ken Loach and Stephen Frears" -- at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on 14 February. For more information on the event, visit the MWAW website or contact the Bloomsbury Theatre on 020 7388 8822 or email blooms.theatre@ucl.ac.uk.

Topic : Activism
Posted By : Anita
Posted On : February 7, 2003



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